Agile Security Consulting Inc is a independent consulting firm that was formed in 2020 to address a lack of physical and electronic security expertise within the consulting and engineering fields in British Columbia and across Canada.

We recognized there was a gap in expertise within the Canadian market and that the norm of using electrical engineers to design security was no longer delivering results.  Security had evolved well past being an electrical discipline and that it was now a specialized area of expertise that combines physical  and operational security, risk management, privacy, and cyber security along with the requirement to coordinate across multi-disciplined teams.   Above all, we acknowledged that security is intrinsically aligned with organizations business models, cultures, risks, threats, needs, and requirements.

To address the need within the market Agile has brought extensive industry expertise with representatives having had direct experiences installing and configuring electronic security systems, managing security companies, representing prominent manufacturers, delivering internal public sector subject matter expertise, leading project teams, and of course providing consulting services to private and public sector clients.

Agile’s expertise is rooted in risk management and operational best practices and goes beyond technological solutions to include security elements associated with architecture, landscaping, and electrical fields.