With the advances in technology, convergence of risks across security domains, and the emergence of comprehensive compliance and legislated requirements, it is not difficult to understand why Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security should be considered it’s own discipline and tendered separately from electrical divisions.

Security and safety have always been tightly intertwined with operations, programs and services that our clients deliver, but today it goes far beyond this.

Security consultants and engineers must need to understand how to engage their clients to design systems that mitigate risks, while aligning with their organization’s structure, compliance and legislated requirements, priorities, budgets, programs and/or services, and of course we cannot leave out their culture.

in addition security consultants and engineers must have a firm grasp on privacy and cyber security risks and requirements to ensure solutions they are designing provide tools that mitigate the convergence of risks.

I would be remiss if I all didn’t add that in British Columbia, security is regulated industry that requires businesses and employees to be licensed under the Security Services Act.

Division 28 Electronic Safety and Security – Specialized Discipline
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